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Types of Tiles

Terry’s Tiles serves Adelaide with an excellent a range of tiles, tiling products, bathroom fittings and tapware as well as tools and equipment for the home handyman and handywoman.

When making your tile selection we will help you with understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the different tile typed for the tiling project you are considering.

A little background on the main tile types will give you an overview.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are extremely durable and easy to clean because they have been kiln fired which creates a strong glaze. Ceramic tiles may be single or double fired.
Ceramic tiles retain a natural beauty while enabling the beauty of colour, strength and even decoration.
Terry’s Tiles always carry an excellent range of ceramic tiles for our Adelaide and South Australian customers.

Porcelain tiles

Premium quality tiles known for their strength and for their non-porous qualities.
Porcelain tiles come in a variety of finishes and do not need to be glazed to exhibit their premium qualities.
Porcelain tiles may have a natural finish or may be polished or even textured.
Glazed porcelain tiles may be finished with a gloss, lappato, matt or textured finish.
Polished porcelain is a very popular choices for floors and walls in Adelaide homes.
Porcelain tiles are versatile and will give a stylish contemporary effect to any room in the house.
They are one of the most durable tiles on the market and because they are non-porous they are particularly simple to clean and maintain.

Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles create a high visual impact and are durable for both indoors and outdoors. They are a great option for counter-tops and walls.

Slate tiles

Slate Tiles

Slate Tiles

Slate tiles have rich natural appearance and are very durable but are best laid in a low impact area because being natural, slate tiles are porous.